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IoT Academy is leading international institute in the field of Internet of Things and related technologies. Considering the importance of the Internet of Things and its rapid prevalence, there is a need for specialist institutions to educate and empower IoT around the World. Taking advantage of skillful experts in this field, IoT Academy objective is to become a specialized IoT and Smart City resource for raising the awareness of citizens and empowering human resources, organizations, companies and industries. All citizens need to be empowered to raise their ability in using IoT and Smart City tools and services. In this way, IoT Academy helps all of stakeholder in this field. Also, IoT and Smart City organizations, companies and industries need empowered human resources (HRs) for developing new products and services in this field. IoT Academy do empower the creative and innovative human resource for them through its skill-based training program. The successful deployment of the Internet of Things and smart city services requires raising the awareness of managers and decision makers in the government, the private sector and industry. The IoT Academy also designed and implemented the necessary seminars and workshops for this purpose.

Vision IoT Academy

Deputy of IoT & Big Data Commission

Deputy of IoT & Big Data Commission in Tehran ICT Guild Organization.


Chairman of the corresponding ISO/IEC JTC1 SC41 (Internet of Things and Related Technologies Standards) in Iran.


ITU Center of Excellence

ITU Center of Excellence (CoE) in the Priority area of Internet of Things for Asia and the Pacific

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Founded and Headquarter Currently Located in Tehran, Iran

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